Divine Educational Institute

Divine Educational Institute

A Co-Educational School Affiliated to C.B.S.E., New Delhi

Divine Educational Institute

"from the desk"

From the Diary Notes:

“Chairmen Message”


The Objective of education is to prepare the young to prepare themselves for life. A child’s mind is like blank paper. Whatever we show, speak, demonstrate builds them for the future. Hence utmost care is required in nurturing these beautiful gifts of God. Here we can make difference in your child’s life by providing them homely care and the education which will build them into the human being you want them to be.


Our work has changed and evolved over time as we have developed a deeper understanding, insight, and knowledge about children. At school, the passion for learning, commitment to the future of the communities, close proximity to humans, moral, and ethical values remain at the heart of our work. We don’t forget that our foremost duty as a school is to challenge and channel students to set high expectations for themselves in academics and support them to achieve to the best extent of their abilities and their parents’ expectations.

-C L Sharma