Divine Educational Institute

Divine Educational Institute

A Co-Educational School Affiliated to C.B.S.E., New Delhi

Divine Educational Institute

"our testimonials"

“Message from Shilpi Sharma M/o Vrashank Sharma”

Hello everyone,

                My name is Shilpi Sharma, mother of Vrashank Sharma (I-B). My child is studying in Divine Educational Institute from class Nursery. As it is well known that Divine is one of the best schools of this city and a perfect place for the development of a child. I feel proud that my child is a part of this school and he is getting not only good education but also moral and social values which are very important to lead a good and successful life. I am totally satisfied with teachers, school atmosphere, education, co-curricular activities etc. The best thing about this school which I felt personally that the Principal herself observe each and every child development and academic record. My child always feels happy in school as he is treated like a family member there. Time to time I read in newspaper about the achievements of the school.


“Message from Sapna Mittal M/o Vanshika Mittal”

I am Sapna Mittal M/o Vanshika Mittal. My daughter studies in class VII C in Divine Educational Institute. I am very happy with the teaching methods applied by the teachers. The atmosphere of this school is very good. All teachers of this school treats the students like parents and give them love and care. This school provides all the best facilities to the students. The Principal, Mrs. Punam Sharma is very kind and generous. This school is the best school in all fields including sports academics and so on. I feel very proud that my daughter and my son are part of this family.


“Message from Deepshikha Goel M/o Disha Goel”

Hello friends,

            As we know that if we expect a child to grow up in certain way, the environment at home and the school would be helpful to such growth. So, it is a great responsibility of the parents and teachers to live the life which they expect the child to live. I see that Divine School is going forward in this direction. Teachers are not only friends but also guide and philosophers for their students in all their difficulties. They help, support and co-operate their students continuously.

There is complete understanding between the students and their respected teachers. So, I am very happy that my children are the students of Divine Educational Institute and I am completely satisfied with its all teachers. I believe that my children can fulfill my dreams and achieve their target by studying in this school.


“Message from Meena Singh, M/o Ruhani Singh”

Every parent has a great desire to see their ward’s progress. So, to attain the progress, every parent tries to give the best education to their wards. I have a dream that my wards will touch the great heights in their life. So, I preffered school ‘Divine’. I always wanted to teach my children in the school which has unique qualities like Divine. This school has many good qualities. The school truly stands to its name. The teachers of this school are well-educated and experienced. They know how to teach and treat the students. The teachers are very helpful and are ever ready to solve every problem of the students gently. Competition and function are held in this school from time to time and prizes are also given to students to encourage them. This school has offered my children with a way to achieve their goal in life. I am very happy to see my children’s progress.

At last, I want to say that in this school, Excellence is a tradition and winning is a habbit.


“Message from Mrs. Juhi Garg”

“What an amazing school”. Excellent relation between teachers and the pupils, also very good advice given to parents at all times. This school is a lifeline for my children.

Divine Educational Institute is a great school for every student that wants a better future and wants to learn in nice atmosphere.

It was an excellent choice for us right from Principal, office staff, Vice Principal, co-ordinator, the teachers, Everybody is great.

I cannot think of any negative comment because DEI can alone offer the best schooling to my children.

Thank You

“Message from Mrs. Mitali Singhal”

 Dear Principal Ma’am and all the teachers

                                    First I thank god for giving me such good children – Gargi, Manya and Devang who study in IV, III and UKG. At their birth, I was much worried about their future. Now I feel a sigh of relief as my children are in safe hands. Mrs. Punam Sharma, Principal of Divine Educational Institute, who has assured to provide bright and safe future for them, her staff has given the good platform as well as environment. I’am Sure they would prove themselves as best in society. Now they are being moulded into well discipline and well mannered children. I am cordially thankful to Principal Ma’am along with the faculty of the Divine Educational Institute.


“Message from Sunil Shekhawat, Geeta Shekhawat”

Divine educational institute is really a good institute and possesses a supernal quality of extrusing talents of their students.

It is well reputed school in this area and has a unique goodwill. It has a well qualified and hard working faculty which imparts qualitative knowledge to our children with love and care and provides their best for modifying the future of the students.

The whole staff is very polite and cooperative which is the positive part of this school. The attitude of Principal Ma’am (Mrs. Punam Sharma) is really fabulous. She is open, encouraging, and innovative and always student centered in her decisions. She always welcomes the good suggestions beneficial for students from the parents also.

            Due to all these qualities and good direction by Principal Ma’am, this school has a top place in the race of schools in Sikandrabad. I wish the whole Divine family to be the best school in district Bulandshahr.